The Father’s Children

The forgotten children – our children


Our site is currently under construction in its early beginnings. We would kindly ask all our visitors to have a little patience with us until we manage to grow a bit.
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We look upon each child with an authentic love, aiming toward a great future, driven by hope and faith without limits.

The Father’s Children charity (Asociatia Copiii Tatalui) grew its first roots in souls with Christian love that requires us to love our neighbour and help those affected by fate. In 2013 it set out along a difficult path, that was nevertheless sprinkled with deep joy. Resources never seemed sufficient, yet somehow they always managed to show up in the end, when the need became urgent; from other generous souls, driven by the same love.
The journey was not easy from a typical Transylvanian rural house, to a centre fully equipped in accordance with all always changing regulations and attested by the required official certifications and approvals. But it was all worth it.
It will still not be easy, daily expenditure and occasional efforts must be covered consistently. In full. But it’s worth it.
Our hope remains through faith in the Providence that will bring loving and generous souls to join us in the work of equipping children for a future way more beautiful than the most daring of expectations.

You can join us

If your heart leads you to reach out to children in need, you are more than welcome to join in our effort.

Ways to donate 
(momentarily; we aim to diversify in time)

  • direct transfer into our account med Asociatia Copiii Tatalui at Banca Transilvania in Romania:
    – RON la iban RO05BTRLRONCRT0250349001
    –  la iban RO52BTRLEURCRT0250349001
    – £ la iban RO10BTRLGBPCRT0250349001
  • postal transfer or Western Union and similar means to
    Asociaţia Copiii Tatălui din Mădăras, Nr. 163, judeţul Bihor, cod poştal 417330, Romania

Our gratitude will probably fade when compared to that of the children launched into life by the charity to which you will have contributed. The reward can never fade.